Pandox is active in a dynamic industry with several strong trends and drivers. Increased prosperity, a growing middle class and a blurred work-life boundary combined with the possibilities offered by digitalisation are paving the way for Pandox’s continued growth. All the while, conscious and sustainable consumers have new expectations.

Growing middle class

The global population is growing and so is the middle class – a factor that normally leads to increased travel. People are living longer, which means they are looking for new experiences later in life as well.

Experiences more important

The new generation of consumers are often more interested in gathering experiences than material possessions. Typically, they are on the hunt for the best destination, the best accommodation and the best food menu. The hotel is no longer just a place to sleep, but part of a lifestyle. Today’s hotel guests expect more individual and unique products than before.

Digitalisation is making things easier

In many ways, digitalisation has made the world smaller and blurred the lines between work and leisure. Digitalisation has also accelerated the pace of change and made it easier to book both travel and accommodation. More than half of all hotel bookings globally are now made digitally.

Shorter distances

Aviation is an important engine for the entire travel and tourism industry. We are travelling further, more often and more cheaply than before. Low cost flights to both long-haul and short-haul destinations are a strong underlying driver in the hotel industry. The majority of guests, however, arrive at their hotel by other modes of transport – primarily car, bus or train.

Sustainability and values

Interest in sustainability is deepening in line with increased consumer knowledge and greater demands from society. Consumers also increasingly want the services they buy to accord with their own values.