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Pandox five focus areas

Pandox’s most important contribution to greater sustainable development is creating resource-efficient properties, sustainable operation, safe and secure environments for employees and guests, and new business opportunities. Pandox is also to contribute to reaching the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The focus is on areas where Pandox can create the most impact, both for the external environment and for the Company

Pandox’s sustainability strategy is based on the Company’s vision and business objectives, its impact on communities in terms of sustainability and climate change, and which issues the stakeholders consider to be important for Pandox to focus on. Current trends and the risks and opportunities identified by the Company are also taken into consideration. Based on these considerations, Pandox has defined the most material sustainability topics and divided them up into five focus areas. Pandox’s targets are presented in the section on each focus area. Sustainability is integrated into Pandox’s business model and into day-to-day work. There are clear activities and targets for sustainability within each focus area. They take into consideration the different ways in which Pandox can work on sustainability within the Property Management business segment compared to within Operating Activities.