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Pandox is a member of several organisations within hospitality industry, property business and within sustainability.


Visita is an industry and employer organization for the Swedish tourism business. Visita signs collective bargain agreements and is one of the member organizations within Svenskt Näringsliv. Among the members there are restaurants, hotels, camping, amusementparks, hostels, spas, ski resorts and tourism agencies. 

Pandox is a part of the reference group for sustainability questions and their goal is to contribute in the progress of sustainability in the whole Swedish tourism business. 


Sweden Green Building Council is the leading membership organization in Sweden for sustainable community buildning. Through certification, education and opinion formation they strive fore a society that is beneficial for both humans and environment. Within SBGC there are experts, companies and organizations from the whole country and they all work towards the same goal.

Pandox has been members since 2020. 


Fastighetsägarna is a nationwide business organization working for a sustainable and well functioning property market. Their visin is to imporve the conditions for property business within the country, so that the market for housing and premises cen develop. Toghether with the members good conditions for growth and room for the future is created. 

Pandox has been members since 2020. 

UN Global Compact

UN Global Compact gathers the world for a more sustainable society and works toghether with other UN-organizations, their members, government and the civil society in key aspects in order to accelerate faster towards the 17 global goals for sustainable development.

Pandox has signed UN Global Compact, meaning that the company has committed to follow the ten principles, to find out more follow the link