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About the Board of directors

Pandox’s Board of Directors is responsible for the Company’s administration and organisational structure.

This includes the following:
• Establishing Pandox’s overall objectives and strategies
• Appointing, evaluating and, if necessary, dismissing the CEO
• Ensuring effective monitoring and control systems for Pandox’s business
• Ongoing evaluation of performance and financial position
• Ensuring that the annual reports and interim reports are correct, reliable and relevant

The Board works according to written work procedures which are revised annually and adopted at the statutory board meeting. The work procedures regulate, among other things, types of meetings, functions and the distribution of duties be-tween the board members and the CEO. In conjunction with the statutory meeting the Board also adopts instructions for the CEO as well as instructions for financial reporting.

The Board holds meetings based on a schedule established annually, normally aligned with Pandox’s strategy and budget process as well as the Company’s financial calendar. Additional board meetings may be convened to manage time-critical issues that require board decisions, such as on acquisitions, divestment and raising capital.

In addition to the board meetings, the Chair and the CEO meet continually to discuss Pandox’s governance and management. The Board evaluates the work of the CEO on an ongoing basis.
The Board of Directors has an Audit Committee, a Finance Committee and a Remuneration Committee to assist it in its work.