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Participation and remuneration 2023

 NameFee, SEK 000sBoard of directorsAudit committeeRemuneration committeeFinance committee
Christian Ringnes99610 of 10 4 of 45 of 5
Jakob Iqbal50610 of 10 4 of 4
Jon Rasmus Aurdal61510 of 104 of 4  5 of 5
Ann-Sofi Danielsson61510 of 104 of 4  
Bengt Kjell8209 of 101 of 13 of 4 5 of 5
Jeanette Dyhre Kvisvik45510 of 10  
Ulrika Danielsson 1)4018 of 83 of 3

Remuneration to board members
Remuneration to board members for their work in the board of directors of Pandox shall be resolved upon by the general meeting. The board of directors are only entitled to remuneration resolved by the general meeting. However, board members may receive additional remuneration for services board members provide to Pandox within their respective areas of expertise in addition to their duties as board members. Such remuneration shall be on market terms and based in a consultancy agreement approved by the board of directors.