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Pandox strives to be one of the most attractive employers in the hotel property industry. To achieve this, Pandox offers a stimulating, fast-paced and at the same time safe working environment, where there is zero tolerance for discrimination and harassment.

Pandox's quarterly employee survey for hotel employees in Own Operations showed an employee satisfaction rate of 77 (76) percent for 2022.

At the head office, the employee survey is conducted annually. Employee satisfaction is measured annually at the head office and was 79 (80) percent in the survey conducted in the fourth quarter of 2022. This means that the average employee satisfaction in Pandox as a whole was 77 (78) percent.

Staff turnover can be seen as another metric for how satisfied employees are. This was significantly higher than normal in 2023 and is mainly due to a pent-up need to reorganise certain parts of the company to meet new needs. Due to the pandemic, opportunities for organisational planning have been limited over the past three years and more leadership changes than usual have happened to coincide in time. In turn, employees have also had time to reflect on their future career choices and some have retrained for other professions.

Employee turnover increased to 42 (29) percent in 2022, with 42 (30) percent among Pandox's hotel employees and 12 (6) percent among employees at the head office including Leases business segment.