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Sensitivity analysis

Pandox is exposed to a number of risks and its valuation is dependent on a number of factors. Below we highlight some important factors and their effect on Pandox.

Sensitivity to key valuation parameters
(As of 31 December, 2023)

Investment properties effect on fair valueChange %Effect on value 2023, MSEKEffect on value 2022, MSEK
Change in currency exchange rates+/- 1%+/- 418+/- 421
Net operating income +/- 1%+/- 547+/- 532
Financial sensitivity effect on pre-tax earningsChange %Profit before value changes 2023, MSEKProfit before value changes 2023, MSEK
Current fixed interest, change in interest rate, with derivatives+/- 1% +/- 75+120/-120
Current fixed interest, change in interest rate, without derivatives+/- 1% +/- 320-330/+330
Remeasurement of interest-rate derivatives following shift in yield-curves+/- 1% -/+ 1,067+/-698