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Board of directors

The board of directors is the second-highest decision-making body of the Company after the shareholders’ meeting. 

Board members

According to Pandox's articles of association, the board of directors must comprise no fewer than four and not more than eight members appointed by the annual general meeting for a term until the end of the next annual general meeting.

Currently, Pandox's board of directors consists of six ordinary members elected by the shareholders’ meeting.

According to the Swedish Corporate Governance Code, the chairman of the board of directors is to be elected by the shareholders’ meeting and has special responsibility for leading the work of the board of directors and ensuring that the work of the board of directors is organised efficiently. 

Read a full presentation of the board of directors here.


According to the Swedish Companies Act, the board of directors is responsible for the organisation of the company and the management of the company’s affairs, which includes, among other things, setting targets and strategies, securing routines and systems for evaluation of set targets, continuously assessing the financial condition and profits and evaluating the operating management. The board of directors is also responsible for ensuring that annual reports and interim reports are prepared in a timely manner. Moreover, the board of directors appoints the CEO. 

NamePositionMember sinceIndependent of the company
and executive management
Independent of the
ultimate owners
Christian RingnesChairman2004YesNo
Jakob IqbalBoard member2020YesNo
Ann-Sofi DanielssonBoard member2015YesYes
Jon Rasmus AurdalBoard member2018YesNo
Bengt KjellBoard member1996YesYes
Jeanette Dyhre KvisvikBoard member2017YesYes