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Pandox is a Swedish public limited liability company, which means corporate governance is based primarily on the fundamental rules in the Swedish Companies Act and internal instructions and rules. Pandox applies the Swedish Corporate Governance Code ("Code") and comply with the Nasdaq Stockholm's Rule Book for Issuers.

The shareholders' meeting

The shareholders’ meeting is Pandox's highest decision-making body. At the shareholders’ meeting, the shareholders exercise their voting rights in key issues, such as the adoption of income statements and balance sheets, appropriation of the Company’s results, discharge from liability of members of the board of directors and the CEO, election of members of the board of directors and auditors and remuneration to the board of directors and the auditors. 

The board of directors

The board of directors is the second-highest decision-making body of Pandox after the shareholders’ meeting. The board of directors is responsible for the organisation of the company and the management of the company’s affairs, which includes, among other things, setting targets and strategies, securing routines and systems for evaluation of set targets, continuously assessing the financial condition and profits and evaluating the operating management.

The nomination committee

The nomination committee is formed according to the principles established by the annual general meeting. The nomination committee is responsible for preparing the election of members of the board of directors, and the election of the chairman of the board, fees for of the board of directors and other matters pertaining to the forthcoming annual general meeting.


The board of directors appoints the CEO, who is responsible for daily operations and administration of Pandox's affairs in line with the instructions given by the board of directors. The CEO is assisted by executive management.

External auditors

Pandox's external auditors, who reviews Pandox's financial accounts and reports as well as the administration of the board of directors and the CEO, are elected at the annual general meeting.