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Codes of Conduct

Pandox’s vision is to be a world-leading hotel property company offering specialist expertise in active ownership, management and development of hotel properties, and hotel operations.

Being a leader means constantly creating sustainable value for a broad set of stakeholders, and earning their respect and trust. Sustainability is a natural and integrated part of Pandox’s operations and is based on Pandox Fair Play. Together with our employees, hotel guests, tenants, business partners and other stakeholders Pandox strives to work for a sustainable development. Our efforts are forward-looking and based on the engagement of internal and external stakeholders.

Pandox has two Codes of Conduct. Pandox Fair Play for employees and
business partners respectively. The Codes describe the guiding principles and expectations we have on each other, and summarises our approach as employees, employer, business partner and member of the community. The Codes of Conduct reflect the three focus areas and important sustainability aspects and are based on our fundamental values. The Codes are also built on the ten principles in the UN Global Compact. 

Through the Codes and Pandox Environmental policy, and by respecting good business ethics and sound business practises, we want to contribute to a sustainable society. We encourage all employees and business partners to learn more about our Codes and seek active guidance. We also encourage employees and business partners to report any irregularities or discrepancies from Pandox’s ethical guidelines described in the Codes to their manager or to an external whistleblowing function. See also Pandox Whistleblowing Guidelines.

Please find Pandox's internal governing documents here.