Just as in handball, Pandox’s sustainability work is distinguished by high intensity, dedication and integrity. Success also requires teamwork and mutual respect. Pandox has therefore named its sustainability strategy Fair Play.

Pandox’s vision is to be a world-leading hotel property company offering specialist expertise in active ownership, management and development of hotel properties, and hotel operations.

Being a leader means constantly creating sustainable value for a broad set of stakeholders, and earning their respect and trust. Sustainability is a natural and integrated part of Pandox’s operations and is based on Pandox values, in which ‘fair play’ is an important foundation. That is why we call our Sustainability work for Pandox Fair Play.

Pandox wants to contribute to a sustainable society in which businesses take financial, social and environmental responsibility. Based on our Materialty analysis we have indentified seven focus areas for our sustainability work:

To facilitate sustainable work in all of these areas Pandox has formulated a Code of Conduct for employees and a Code of Conduct for business partners as well as an Environmental Policy.