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Finance Committee

On 12 April 2023 the Board appointed a Finance Committee consisting of board members Bengt Kjell (chair), Christian Ringnes and Jon Rasmus Aurdal.

Pandox’s executive management has the right to participate in discussions but not in decisions and was represented at the Committee’s meetings by the CEO and CFO, among others.


The Committee discusses matters of particular significance for Pandox’s financial position, such refinancing of bank loans, interest rate hedging and the fulfilment of conditions in credit agreements.

Experience of the Finance Committee’s work has been good and the Board has again proposed that the Nomination Committee reviews the need for a Finance Committee again in 2024, and
that if established the Board members concerned are paid fees at the same level as for the Audit Committee.

In 2023 the Finance Committee held four meetings at which
minutes were kept and reported to the Board of Directors.