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Executive management

The CEO is subordinate to the board of directors and is responsible for the everyday management and operations of Pandox. At Pandox we combine a high level of know-how and individual responsibility with lean bureaucracy and effective methods for follow up.

Rules of procedure

The division of work between the board of directors and the CEO is set out in the rules of procedure for the board of directors and the CEO’s instructions. The CEO is also responsible for the preparation of reports and compiling of information for the board meetings and for presenting such materials at the board meetings.

Financial reporting

According to the instructions for financial reporting, the CEO is responsible for Pandox's financial reporting and must therefore ensure that the board of directors receives adequate information for the board of directors to be able to evaluate the Pandox’s financial condition.

Information to the board

The CEO must continuously keep the board of directors informed of developments in Pandox’s operations, the development of rental revenue, the Pandox’s result and financial condition, liquidity and credit status, important business events and all other events, circumstances or conditions which can be assumed to be of significance to the Pandox’s shareholders.

The CEO and executive management are presented here.