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Hotel Market Day 2015

Theme 2015: The Macro Economic and Political Factors Driving the Hotel Industry.

Pandox was founded in 1995, now twenty years ago. It was a difficult time for the Swedish economy still burdened by a severe financial crisis. Banks and real estate companies suffered from bad loans and falling property values, and hotel companies and owners faced weak economic conditions.

From inception, Pandox has grown considerably in terms of property portfolio size and market reach. In these years, the hotel industry has also undergone large changes. From being local, stagnant and fragmented it has become a global, growing and increasingly innovative industry attracting new types of investors. Business models, branding and distribution channels have also changed profoundly over this period.

From a strategic point of view it is essential to understand change and the reasons for it. Pandox Hotel Market Day 2015 is focused around two key questions:

  1. To which extent are the historical changes in the hotel industry a result of macro economic and political factors?
  2. What are the coming macro economic and political factors and how will they drive and shape the future of the hotel industry?

Summary of Pandox Hotel Market Day 2015


13.00 – 13.05
Welcome - Christian Ringnes, Chairman Pandox; Bengt Brodin, Moderator

13.05 – 13.15
When it all Started - Lars Thunell, Doctor and First Chairman of Pandox 

13.15 – 14.00
Economic Growth During 25 Years: From Crises to Booms – and new Challenges - Klas Eklund, Senior Economist, SEB
Download presentation here

14.00 – 14.45
Pandox Developments - Anders Nissen, CEO, Pandox AB
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15.15 – 15.55
Past, Present and Future; the Ever-Changing Hotel Company Configuration - Angela Roper, Professor at the University of West London
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15.55 – 16.35 
The Influence of Global Capital Flows on the Hotel Sector - Arthur de Haast, Chairman of JLL Hotel & Hospitality Group
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16.45 – 17.30
The Chief Outlines of the Political Developments Since the 1990´s - Göran Persson, Prime Minister of Sweden 1996-2006

17.30 – 17.50
Conclusions: What has Happened and What Will Happen in the Hotel Sector? - Lars Thunell, Doctor and First Chairman of Pandox; Bengt Brodin, Moderator

17.50 – 18.10
Hotel Industry Outlook 2016 - Anders Nissen, CEO Pandox AB
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