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Human rights

Pandox har zero tolerance for criminality, prostitution and trafficking. nolltolerans mot kriminalitet, prostitution och sexuellt utnyttjande. The base for Pandox work with sustainable supply chains is the Code of Conduct for business partners describing the expectations Pandox has on its suppliers regarding human rights, labor rights, environment and anti-corruption.

In 2020 an inventory was taken of the level of training in human rights at each of the hotels in Operator Activities, with a particular focus on human trafficking and prostitution. The results showed that the majority of the hotels provide regular courses. The courses are of very high quality and are usually produced by established organisations in the area. They provide a deeper understanding of how to identify, prevent and handle these issues. Only a few individual hotels do not have their own comprehensive training and these have been given access to the courses of other hotels.

Pandox has also produced and published a Modern Slavery Act statement in which the Company strongly opposes all forms of exploitation, servitude and child labour.