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Business ethics and anti-corruption

Pandox’s Anti-Corruption Policy and Code of Conduct for employees form the basis for good business ethics and compliance with laws and practices.

Pandox has zero tolerance for corruption, as is clearly stated in the Anti-Corruption Policy. During the year all employees who are in the risk group for exposure to corruption at hotels within Pandox’s Operator Activities segment completed an advanced digital course in anti-corruption. If there is the slightest indication or suspicion of corruption, employees are to consult with their manager or manager’s manager. As Pandox has operations in the British market, the Company is also subject to one of the world’s strictest anti-bribery laws, the UK Bribery Act, which is an extraterritorial law and therefore covers all markets where Pandox is active. 

To promote an open culture where employees and external stakeholders are not afraid to report irregularities, an external whistleblower system is available and internal processes in place to handle reported cases and prevent it to occur again.