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Business ethics and anti-corruption

To ensure that Pandox acts according to proper business ethics and complies with laws and practices, the Company has an Anti-Corruption Policy and a Code of Conduct for the employees.To ensure that Pandox acts according to proper business ethics and complies with laws and practices, the Company has an Anti-Corruption Policy and a Code of Conduct for the employees. These clearly describe the expectations of how each employee is to behave to create a respectful and positive work environment for everyone. If employees of Pandox have questions regarding how to interpret or apply in practice Pandox’s policies or codes of conduct, they can contact Pandox’s SVP, Director of Sustainable Business.

Training in the Code of Conduct and business ethics

To ensure that all employees have read the Code of Conduct and understood its content, Pandox offers digital training in the Code of Conduct that includes various dilemmas they may face. The course is adapted according to whether the employee works at a Pandox-operated hotel or at the head office and in Property Management. It is available in eight languages. The course is to be completed as part of the onboarding process for new employees and is to be repeated every other year by all employees and any outside consultants on long contracts. In 2022 the training was updated to add more dilemma scenarios as well as a concluding test and an option to provide feedback on improvement measures. In addition, an option was offered to do the course in group ormat as many employees prefer that. There is also a facilitator guide for those leading the course on site. Employees within Pandox’s Operator Activities segment also complete their own business ethics and code of conduct training specific to their respective hotel brand. These are aligned with Pandox’s values and work in this area. Pandox’s target is for all employees to have completed its digital training in the Code of Conduct. In 2022, 87 (95) percent of employees had completed the training. The lower rate of completion is explained by the fact that the training was not launched until the final quarter.

No cases of corruption during the year

Pandox works continuously on its internal processes and routines to minimise the risk of corruption. The Anti-Corruption Policy describes how everyone within Pandox is to address this issue in their work. If there is the slightest indication or suspicion of corruption, employees are to consult with their manager or manager’s manager. The goal is to have zero cases of corruption within Pandox or in the supply chain. No cases of corruption were reported in 2022. The Code of Conduct course includes a clear explanation of the escalation process for complaints and incidents of a more serious nature. The first step is for employees to go to their manager, then to their manager’s manager and thereafter to HR. Pandox also has a whistleblower system provided by an external party to promote an open culture in which employees and external stakeholders are unafraid to report irregularities, breaches of policies, crimes etc. No cases were reported in 2022 through this system. The whistleblower system also provides an opportunity to report on HR issues anonymously. These are then handled by the respective hotel’s head of HR. Three cases were reported during the year.