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Pandox’s corporate culture is the key to the Company’s success. It provides the right conditions for motivated and independent employees with clear authority in their roles, and for equality in the workplace. Pandox has employees from over 80 different countries, which reflects the diversity in the hotel industry.

Health and security

All staff should have a healthy, safe and secure working environment. Risk assessments are therefore carried out regularly. Fatalities and serious work-related injuries during the year were 0 for both employees and subcontractors. The number of reported work-related accidents increased and the accident rate has gone up from 32.55 to 41.02. The increase in work-related injuries is mainly traced to one geographical area of activity and is partly due to the rules around how a
work-related injury is defined.

All employees in the hotel business receive annual training, information and instructions on safety. Procedures are in place for regular review of evacuation routes and checking of emergency lighting and directional signs. During ongoing renovations, it is ensured that emergency evacuation is possible by keeping escape routes clear, emergency lighting working and fire detection active.

Contractors engaged for renovation, conversion or extension work are instructed in Pandox's health and safety procedures and, as employers, are formally responsible for investigating and implementing measures in the event of occupational injuries suffered by their own employees.

Pandox has no formal responsibility for hotel staff employed by tenants. However, Pandox tries to exert influence, for example through Pandox's Code of Conduct for Business Partners and Suppliers, which describes the Company's expectations of them. Pandox aims to monitor incidents that occur in the workplace to ensure that action is taken.

Pandox also monitors sick leave among employees as an indicator of health. Sick leave increased slightly in 2023 - by 0.3 percent - but the increase is not large enough to be attributed to any particular cause.