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Diversity and gender equality

The hotel industry is characterised by diversity – both in terms of nationality and age groups. Pandox’semployees should reflect the diversity that exists among the guests.

Future generations of employees will want their employer to take responsibility in the community and focus on sustainability issues such as gender equality, diversity and the climate.

Pandox’s employees should reflect the diversity that exists among the guests. There is, however,
a lack of women in senior roles overall, and particularly outside the Nordics. Pandox is therefore requiring equal gender representation in the recruitment process for senior roles in the Operator Activities segment. Of the three new general managers recruited in 2020, two are women and one is a man. The total percentage of female general managers at the end of 2020 was 30 (13) percent.

Also, an analysis of diversity and inclusion among the employees was to be conducted during the year to provide the Company with a clearer picture of how they feel about their work situation. As the majority of the employees were furloughed, this process has been postponed until 2021. The purpose is to ensure that Pandox is living up to its ambition of being a fair and equal company. The results of the analysis will be presented to the executive management team,
so that they are well-informed about the challenges and opportunities that exist within the Company. The process will also include some concrete proposals on how to proceed in promoting gender equality and diversity.