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Diversity and gender equality

The hotel industry is characterised by diversity – both in terms of nationality and age groups. Pandox’s employees should reflect the diversity that exists among the guests.

Pandox’s ambition is for both genders to be represented in the recruitment process for senior roles. The total percentage of female general managers within Operator Activities at the end of 2021 was 21 percent. The decrease is due to one hotel with a female general manager being reclassified to Property Management and thus no longer being operated by Pandox, and another hotel closing for renovation after which it will be reclassified from Property Management to Operator Activities. Finally, the female general manager at Hotel Hubert, which is Pandox’s internal training ground for upcoming hotel managers, was replaced by a male general manager as part of the rotation there. This is where people can try out the role of hotel manager for six months.

The percentage of women in Pandox’s executive management team increased in 2021 to 40 percent.

In 2021 a diversity and inclusion survey was carried out among the employees by an independent party. The purpose was to give Pandox a clearer picture of how the employees perceive their work situation so the Company can ensure that Pandox is an equal-opportunity and inclusive company.