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Attractive workplace that encourages development

Pandox makes every effort to be one of the most attractive employers in the hotel property industry. To achieve this Pandox offers a dynamic yet safe working environment where development is encouraged and there is zero tolerance for discrimination or harassment.

Angelica Zupanc, General Manager at Radisson Blu Bremen. Nominated as the most sustainable workplace

Studies also show that it has become increasingly important for employees to have meaningful work at a workplace where they feel appreciated and can develop professionally, working for a company that prioritises the environment and the social agenda.

Employees are offered a clear mandate to succeed in their role at work. As the Company has a lean organisation, having a strong moral compass and independence is essential. The employees are also encouraged to come up with suggestions on how to improve.

Pandox carries out workplace evaluations of the physical and psychosocial work environment every three years or when significant changes are made within the organisation, in order to offer an attractive workplace.

Employee satisfaction

Pandox’s quarterly employee survey for hotel employees within Operator Activities showed employee satisfaction of 77 (76) percent for 2022.

An employee survey is carried out at the head office annually. Employee satisfaction is measured annually at the head office and was at 79 (80) percent in the survey carried out in the fourth quarter of 2022. This means that average employee satisfaction overall within Pandox was 77 (78) percent.

Employee turnover can be seen as another indicator of how satisfied the employees are. For 2023 it was significantly higher than normal and this is mainly due to a need that has existed for some time to reorganise certain parts of the Company to meet new demands. Due to the pandemic there were limited opportunities for organisational planning over the past three years and more leadership changes than normal have happened to fall at the same time. Employees have in turn had time to reflect on their future career choices and some have retrained for other occupations. Employee turnover increased by 42 (29) percent in 2022. Among Pandox’s hotel employees the turnover was 42 (30) percent and among employees at the head office, including Property Management, 12 (6) percent.

Fair working conditions and employment terms

It is important to have fair working conditions and employment terms. All of Pandox’s employees have the option to join a trade union. Collective agreements are used in Operator Activities and collective bargaining takes place. In 2022, 68 (69) percent of all employees were covered by collective agreements.

At the head office and in Property Management collective bargaining agreements are not used, but employment terms are similar to those in collective bargaining agreements that exist elsewhere and the employees are given ample opportunities regarding employment terms, professional development and promotion.

Personal development

Personal development is a priority for Pandox, whose ambition is to offer all employees training, development opportunities and career planning, as well as flexible ways to find balance in their lives.

Average number of hours of training per employee in 2022 was 10 (9) hours. Here there is no significant difference between men and women or between different types of positions.

In 2022 performance and career development reviews were conducted with 53 (58) percent of Pandox’s employees. The reduction relates to Operator Activities and is due to the recruitment of more new employees.