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Pandox aims to have an agile, creative and business-driven corporate culture supported by specialist expertise and efficient management systems. It is the individuals that make Pandox unique, and we therefore work continually on skills development and career planning. 

Pandox makes every effort to be one of the most attractive employers in the hotel property industry. In order to achieve this, Pandox offers a dynamic and also secure working environment that encourages development and does not tolerate discrimination or harassment. Employees are offered a clear mandate to succeed in their role at work.

We call this the Pandox Spirit.

The Pandox spirit defines who we are, what we do and how we do it.

Pandox Fair Play

Here our employees can conduct our online trainings.

Employee satisfaction

Pandox’s quarterly employee survey for hotel employees within Operator Activities showed employee satisfaction of 77 (76) percent for 2022. An employee survey is carried out at the head office annually. Employee satisfaction is measured annually at the head office and was at 79 (80) percent in the survey carried out in the fourth quarter of 2022. This means that average employee satisfaction overall within Pandox was 77 (78) percent.

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