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Strategy and vision

Ever since founded in 1995, Pandox has followed the same strategy and business model. The company invests exclusively in hotel properties. Hotel properties are an asset type which has has distinctive features that differ from other types of property and demands specialist expertise and an active ownership model to create value.

Pandox’s vision is to be a world leading hotel property company.

Strategy on six pillars

Hotel properties only

Pandox’s strategy is focused on hotel properties as the only class of asset, where specialisation and knowledge are crucial to achieving results.

Large hotel properties in strategic locations

Pandox focuses on large hotel properties in the full-service segment that are strategically located in commercially and culturally important cities.

Revenue-based leases with shared investments

Pandox’s core business is to sign long-term, revenue-based leases with the best hotel operators and to share investments.

Sustainable, high-quality property portfolio

Through revenue-based leases, Pandox and the hotel operators have a joint interest in constantly developing and improving each hotel. This creates the right conditions for a sustainable, high quality hotel portfolio.

Diversification gives stability

Pandox’s hotel property portfolio is diversified through geographies, demand, brands and hotel products, which balances and evens out the effects of fluctuations in the hotel business cycle.

Flexibility and own operation of hotels reduce risk

Pandox is able to move freely throughout the hotel value chain and also operate its own hotels. This reduces risk and at the same time creates new business opportunities.