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Inclusive local communities

Hotels play a vital role in the community. They create jobs, a place to stay overnight and experiences, but they also make a positive contribution to community development and to safe and secure neighbourhoods. Pandox wants to help
create vibrant, inclusive and safe local communities.

For an inclusive local community

Hotels have a significant role to play in the local community by providing a place to stay for the night, experiences and meetingplaces, and as employers and purchasers of local products and services. Hotels are also a vital part of the tourism industry as they generate income for the government at the national and municipals levels and for the local community. By working closely with the local community and employing people who live in the area, hotels can also contribute in a positive way to social sustainability.

Community engagement

Pandox is engaged in and contributes to local communities in areas where our employees have
particular expertise, skills and interests. Our goal is for all the hotels that we operate and the head
office to support at least one local project each, which all of them did in 2023. The projects can
range from offering internships to young people with functional disabilities to sponsoring activities for children with cancer.

We are proud of the many initiatives that hotels and teams have been
involved in during the year.