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Diversity and gender equality

The hotel industry is characterised by diversity – both in terms of nationality and age groups. Pandox’s employees should reflect the diversity that exists among the guests.

In the spring of 2023 Pandox conducted an employee survey focusing on diversity and inclusion. The results showed that 87 percent feel that they are included in the workplace. The purpose of the survey was to measure Pandox's starting point and it was central to the development of the Company's diversity and inclusion strategy. The survey will also be a reference point for further development and follow-up in the area.

In May 2023 Pandox launched its diversity and inclusion strategy, which was developed in close collaboration with the company's external strategic partners. The strategy is based on expertise and research as well as internal perspectives. The latter was secured through workshops with three different groups: a subject-specific steering group with representatives from the management team, a group with all hotel managers in Own Operations, and a group consisting of representative staff groups from
the hotels. The result is a core strategy that is well anchored to meet the actual needs and provides both operations and headquarters the right support to achieve their objectives.

Own-operated hotels are responsible for the wellness initiatives offered to their employees, and this is usually determined by the brand under which they operate. Some hotels offer employees wellness in the form of using the hotel gym, pool and sauna before or after work. Some offer help to employees to quit smoking as a health promotion measure. Other examples of initiatives include physical and mental health checks, massages, designated prayer facilities, and paid leave on birthdays

More women in senior roles

Of the total number of staff in 2023, 51% were women and 49% men.

Gender equality was not equally represented in senior management positions, where the majority of hotel managers are men.

In 2023, this figure was in line with the previous year. The share of women in
Group Management was 30%, which is the same as the previous year as there were no changes.