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An inclusive and
equal workplace

Today’s workforce contains five generations and this requires new knowledge about inclusive leadership – to both attract new and retain existing talent. Our goal is to be a leading company
in equality and inclusion.

The majority of Pandox's employees work at the hotels that Pandox operates under its own management within Own Operations. In Leases, Pandox has a small number of employees and consultants who are responsible for different markets. Otherwise, day-to-day property management is handled by hired subcontractors or Pandox's tenants.

Pandox strategy for diversity and inclusion

Maximum 60 percent of one gender identity

The target is to have and maintain a workforce in which no more than 60 percent consists of people with the same gender identity.

Result 2023: 51 percent of women and 49 percent of men

All employees are to feel included

It is our firm conviction that everyone must feel included at work. We will carefully monitor this target through annual employee surveys focusing on diversity and inclusion. No incidents of discrimination were reported in 2023.

Result 2023: 87 percent

One or more locally adapted targets for socially marginalised groups

To meet the needs in different markets we are introducing new, locally adapted targets, which all hotels operated by Pandox as well as the head office will implement. The targets will be focused
on socially marginalised groups within the local community, such as ethnic minorities, older individuals or people with functional variations.

Result 2023: 94% have set targets for socially marginalised groups