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Six major trends in the hotel market

Aldert Schaaphok, Senior Vice President – Director International Operations at Pandox, has identified six major themes that will dominate the hotel industry for the years to come.

January 07, 2021

1. Hygiene and safety 
Cleanliness certifications and adapted hygiene routines will form a new hygiene standard.

2. Becoming contactless 
Eliminating unnecessary administrative interactions for guests. This means seamless check- ins and maybe even turning the receptionist into a host, answering questions about the city or the location.

3. New digital solutions 
Gathering of personalised data about the visitor for better service. More technical devices such as voice control solutions in hotel rooms.

4. Food and beverages 
Less rich buffet, more portion control solutions. Less choice, less waste and increased quality.

5. Sustainability 
Shorter supply chains. More local economy. Vegan and vegetarian will become mainstream.

6. Local experiences 
The successful hotels will be the ones with the ability to link the guests to the local community.

See Aldert's talk about the trends at the Pandox Hotel Market Day 2020, found here.

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