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Pandox's newly renovated office finds inspiration from nature and sports halls 

Pandox is investing heavily in the belief that the office will continue to be the hub of the company's daily work. In 2021, it was transformed into a vivid and warm place with inspiration from nature and classic sports halls.

26 January 2022

With the help from the architect firm Doos Architects, Pandox has redesigned the head office, as the old environment was outdated and needed to be modernized in terms of design, functionality and technology.

Pandox puts a lot of energy into the well-being of its employees. An important component in this ambition is a pleasant and harmonious workplace - which in addition to being a delight to the eye also inspires and has the best conditions for both physical and digital

“The newly completed Pandox office reinforces the strong sense of community and the core strength within the organization. Open spaces welcome interaction, creativity, and the exchange of ideas. The palette and materials in the working spaces create a calm environment that lends itself to focus. Carpets and timber wall panels not only help create a pleasant acoustic environment, but also are an addition to the graphic warm impression. The choice of using pre-loved furniture as well as sustainable materials reflects Pandox core values and ongoing work with their sustainable properties”, says Bronwynn Welsh at Doos Architects.

Although the proportion of digital meetings has increased through the pandemic, Pandox is convinced that the magic happens in physical meetings.

Also, we have arranged for our corporate dogs - the Pandogs - to be as comfortable as possible with their own kennels, beds and spaces.