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Liia Nõu named Ruter Dam of the Year 2022

Pandox's CEO Liia Nõu has been named Ruter Dam of the Year 2022 – an honorary award, awarded to the woman who has been promoted to the most influential management position in Swedish business during the past year.

6 October 2022

- I feel very honored to be named Ruter Dam of the Year 2022 and am very happy if my experiences can inspire others in their careers. Pandox's strong value base with focus on the team combined with individual freedom in decisive situations is an important reason why I have reached where I am today. I am full of admiration for the work that is carried out within the framework of Ruter Dam, whose work is at least as important and relevant today as when it was founded 35 years ago, says Liia Nõu.

- Pandox was hit hard by the pandemic where the entire hotel market was paralyzed. Liia Nõu showed strong and mature leadership during this time, which resulted in Pandox quickly adapting to the new conditions and changing their business models. This helped them ride out the storm as a stronger company and be better equipped for the future. Liia and Pandox also have strong and modern values that pervade the entire business. In addition, they not only have sustainability goals for the environment and climate, but also guidelines for responsible and fair business, guest safety , an attractive workplace and inclusive local communities. This modern approach and leadership means that we see Liia Nõu as a true role model and a worthy recipient of Ruter Dam in 2022, says Marika Lundsten, CEO of Ruter Dam.

Ruter Dam is a management development and mentoring program founded in 1987. The goal is more female managers in senior positions in Swedish business. Since its inception, more than 1,400 women have participated in Ruter Dam's one-year program and a unique business network has been established. In 2017, Ruter Dam's sister program, Spader Ess, started. A program for younger women at the beginning of their careers where former Ruter Dam participants act as mentors. Ruter Dam is characterized by business acumen, quality and results.

The Honorary Ruter Dam Of The Year award, is awarded each year and the selection process takes into account the size, turnover, number of employees and the female manager's degree of power and influence. The key words for Ruter Dam are business, quality and results.