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Pandox Hotel Market Day 2022: The future of work

Pandox hosted its annual at Hilton Stockholm Slussen on 15 November 2022.

The theme was "the future of work" where we discussed changes in work which put new demands on hotels both as products and working places.

The event was webcasted and is available on demand!

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Pandox hotel property portfolio


Sustainability strategy with a business focus

Pandox's most important contribution to more sustainable development lies in the creation of profitable green properties and green agreements with hotel operators. The aim is to create resource-efficient properties and operations that reduce Pandox's climate footprint while the company grows.

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2024-02-08, 07:00
Year-end report 2023


2023-10-26, 07:00
Interim report January-September 2023
2023-07-14, 07:00
Interim report January-June 2023
2023-04-26, 07:00
Interim report January-March 2023
2023-02-09, 07:00
Year-end report 2022


2022-11-25, 08:00
SEB Real Estate Seminar

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Keys to value creation

Hotel properties have certain characteristics that distinguish them from other types of property. In addition to technical and financial knowledge of properties, a hotel property owner needs to have specialist expertise in areas closely linked to the hotel market, particularly operation, the dynamics and drivers in the market, the various business models for hotel operation, and brands and concepts.

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Living local communities

Collaboration with Enbacksskolan

Pandox is working closely with Enbacksskolan in Tensta, a school in a socioeconomically vulnerable area outside Stockholm. The purpose is to broaden the students' network of contacts in the job market

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