The annual general meeting 2020 was held 3 April 2020, 10:00 CEST, at Hilton Stockholm Slussen, Guldgränd 8, 104 65 Stockholm, Sweden.

Precautionary measures at the AGM

Due to the risk of spreading the coronavirus Pandox has decided to undertake precautionary measures at the AGM 3 April 2020. 

The AGM is planned to be held as earlier communicated – at Hilton Stockholm Slussen, Guldgränd 8 in Stockholm, 3 April at 10:00 CEST – but with precautionary measures:

  • The meeting is held in a larger room
  • No food or drinks will be offered
  • The meeting will be limited in its entirety in time
  • Registration starts at 09:30 CEST
  • The number of people who are not shareholders will be limited
  • The AGM is intended to be followed via a live webcast on However, to be able to vote requires a physical presence or proxy to be present
  • Due to travel restrictions, several board members will not be able to attend
  • Pandox's chairman of the board of the directors will participate per video link
  • The participation of the board of directors and management in general will be limited
  • The CEO's speech and Q&A will be limited in time
  • Shareholders are welcome to send questions to the AGM in advance via

Pandox asks shareholders to consider the possibility of voting by proxy. A proxy form is available on the company's website Please note that Pandox may not collect proxies and act as proxy. Pandox has been informed that Euroclear Sweden has offered to act as proxy for shareholders who are private persons if desired. For more information on this opportunity, see
If necessary, Pandox will update the company's precautionary measures before the AGM and asks everyone who intends to attend the AGM to stay updated at this page.