The auditor shall review the Company’s annual reports and accounting, as well as the management of the board of directors and the CEO.

Following each financial year, the auditor shall submit an audit report and a consolidated audit report to the annual shareholders’ meeting.

Pursuant to the Pandox’s articles of association, Pandox shall have two auditors and two deputy auditors.

Per Gustafsson (born 1959) and Willard Möller (born 1943) have been the Company’s auditors since 2003 and were, at the annual shareholders’ meeting 2016, re-elected until the end of the annual shareholders’ meeting 2017. Per Gustafsson and Willard Möller are authorized public accountants and members of FAR (professional institute for authorized public accountants). Per Gustafsson’s office address is KPMG AB, Box 382, SE-101 27 Stockholm, Sweden. Willard Möller’s office address is Mazars AB, Terminalgatan 1, SE-252 78, Helsingborg, Sweden.

The Company’s deputy auditors are Bengt Ekengren and Ulf Sundborg. Bengt Ekengrens office address is SET Revision AB, Paddockvägen 20, SE-252 86 Helsingborg, Sweden and Ulf Sundborg’s office address is KPMG AB, Box 3018, SE-169 03, Solna, Sweden.

Procurement of audit services

Pandox is procuring audit services. For more information, please contact Ulrika Grewe Ståhl