Bengt Brodin

Bengt Brodin has been the moderator for the Pandox Hotel Market Day since its inception. Bengt has a background as lecturer and advisor. 

Ian Goldin

Professor Ian Goldin is the Oxford University Professor of Globalisation and Development and was the founding Director of the Oxford Martin School, the world's leading centre for interdisciplinary research into critical global challenges. He is the Director of the Oxford Martin Programme on Technological and Economic Change. Ian previously was World Bank Vice President and the Group's Director of Development Policy, after serving as Chief Executive of the Development Bank of Southern Africa and Economic Advisor to President Nelson Mandela. Ian also has served at Principal Economist at the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and Director of the Trade, Agriculture and Environment Programmes at the OECD Development Centre.

Ian has a BA (Hons) and a BSc from the University of Cape Town, an MSc from the London School of Economics, an AMP from INSEAD and an MA and Doctorate from the University of Oxford.

Goldin has been knighted by the French Government, nominated Global Leader of Tomorrow by the World Economic Forum and received honorary degrees. He is the Chair of the CORE global initiative to reform economics and a trustee of Comic Relief and other charities.

He has published 20 books, the most recent of which are the widely acclaimed Age of Discovery: Navigating the Storms of Our Second Renaissance; and The Pursuit of Development: Economic Growth, Social Change and Ideas. His previous books include The Butterfly Defect: How globalisation creates systemic risksDivided Nations; Exceptional People: How Migration Shaped our World and Will Define our Future; and, Is the Planet Full?

Annika Winsth

Annika Winsth, is the Chief Economist of Nordea Sweden. Aside from her role as Chief Economist, she is a Board member of Lund University and a Board Member of The Swedish Institute of International Affairs. She actively contributes in the economic debate and is a frequent chronicler.

After completing her studies, Annika Winsth first worked at the Ministry of Finance before joining Nordea in 1994. She subsequently became the bank’s Chief Analyst and was promoted to Chief Economist in December 2008. She has served as the Vice Chair of independent research foundation the Institute for Futures Studies and sat on the Admissions Board of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ diplomat programme for several years. She was named “Bank Profile of the Year” in 2012 by Swedish business magazine Privata Affärer with the citation that “few people are as talented as she is in such a pedagogical manner.”

Carl Benedikt Frey

Carl Benedikt is Oxford Martin Citi Fellow at Oxford University where he directs the programme on Technology and Employment at the Oxford Martin School – regarded the world's leading programme on the future of work. He is one of the most widely cited scholars in the field of workforce automation and industrial renewal, researching the transition of industrial nations to digital economies, and associated challenges for corporations and governments.

Over the course of his career, he has served as an advisor and consultant to international organisations, think tanks, government and business, including the OECD, the European Commission, the United Nations, and several Fortune 500 companies. In partnership with Citigroup, he also works to help global leaders navigate the rapidly changing world economy.

His work has been widely covered by the BBC, CNN, The Economist, Financial Times, Wall Street Journal, Foreign Affairs, New York Times, Washington Post, Frankfurter Allgemeine, Scientific American, TIME Magazine, Forbes, and many others.

In 2016 he was named the 2nd most influential young opinion leader by the Swedish business magazine Veckans Affärer.

Carl Benedikt is also Economics Associate of Nuffield College, and Senior Fellow of the Programme on Employment, Equity and Growth at the Institute for New Economic Thinking, both University of Oxford. He remains a Senior Fellow of the Department of Economic History at Lund University, and a board member of Futurion AB.

Chris Sanderson

Chris Sanderson, co-founder, The Future Laboratory, says:

“We live in a dislocated world, characterised by distrust, disconnection, disenfranchisement, disgust and disorder. Public trust in governments, the financial sector and brands is at an all-time low. Racial division, climate change, inequality and terrorism dominate the headlines. It is tempting to deal with each wave of disruption as it comes, but to successfully navigate the future we must look at the bigger picture. We take a detailed look at how brands can adapt using a range of socio-economic trends that we have identified within The Dislocated World”.

Chris Sanderson is co-founder of The Future Laboratory, where he is responsible for delivering the company’s extensive global roster of conferences, media events and LS:N Global Trend Briefings, which he co-presents with the team in London, New York, Sydney, Melbourne, and across the globe.

Clients who have booked one of his inspirational keynotes include Kering, the European Travel Commission, Retail Week, Selfridges, QIC, Marks & Spencer, Chanel, Harrods, Aldo, H&M, General Motors, BBDO, Design Hotels, Condé Nast and Omnicom.

In 2012, Chris presented Channel 4’s five-part tv series, Home of the Future. In 2014, he and his team created Fragrance Lab for Selfridges, an exploration into the world of personalisation in scent, which won Retail Week’s Best Pop-up and Overall Winner of the 2014 Retail Week awards. Chris is a SuperBoard member of The British Fashion Council’s Fashion Trust. 

Hans Meyer

Hans Meyer is co-founder and managing director of Zoku. Facilitating global living and working, Zoku has created a new category in the hotel industry – a home-office hybrid, with the services of a hotel and the social buzz of a thriving neighbourhood. He is responsible for innovation, culture, concept development, branding, operations and strategic partnerships for the Zoku brand. Zoku has been internationally recognized as being an innovator in the industry and was quoted by Forbes as "one of the 25 coolest hotels in the world".

A firm believer of value creation and innovation for the international hospitality industry, Hans previously was the initial creator and founding partner of the citizenM hotel concept and held senior corporate positions in Operations and Development for NH Hoteles and Golden Tulip, where he was responsible for projects throughout Europe, Africa, The Middle-East and Central America.

Hans is also a jury member for the Accenture Innovation Awards and Ahead, the international Awards for Hospitality, Experience and Design. He was educated at Hotelschool The Hague and Cornell University in The United States.

Anders Nissen

Anders Nissen has been CEO of Pandox since it was founded in 1995. Pandox is one of the largest hotel property companies in Europe with 122 hotels in eleven countries.