In 2019 Pandox further developed its strategy for community engagement. Pandox wants to contribute to local communities where the Company operates and in the areas where Pandox’s employees have particular expertise, skills and interests. All hotels in Operator Activities, as well as the head office, must therefore support at least one local project. The choice of organisation or project is, however, determined by the employees as real engagement comes from the grass roots. In 2019 all hotels except for two in Operator Activities were engaged in a local project and progress is being monitored in 2020. Examples of projects include providing food to homeless individuals, offering internships to young people with disabilities etc.



In 2018 Pandox entered into a partnership with Enbacksskolan in Tensta. The purpose is to broaden the students’ network of contacts in the job market and to lower entry barriers in society by offering workplace visits and practical workplace experience. Pandox involved Scandic Star Sollentuna in the project and the hotel arranged for 12 students in eighth grade to try different occupations within the hotel industry at eight different Scandic hotels. The project will be developed further in 2020. Care services company Attendo and staffing company Jurek will also take part in the partnership.

Enbacksskolan holds theme days twice a year, which Pandox attends. One theme day was held in the spring with a focus on mental and physical health. The nonprofit organization Maskrosbarn lectured on mental illness and the former handball player and coach Staffan Olsson spoke about physical health and the importance of exercise, and introduced students in years 7 to 9 to handball. To make it easier for the school to keep the students active, Pandox is providing transportation so they can participate in kayaking, swimming and skiing. In 2019 Pandox also contributed funds for the school’s podcast equipment. Organisations in society that students and parents do not normally have close contact with were interviewed in podcasts with the aim of increased interaction. The podcast format works as a communication channel for the school and students to reach out to the community and parents.

Pandox also launched the Pepper Foundation during the year. This is a platform to realise the dreams of students at Enbacksskolan. The first activity was a customised acting course for up to 10 students with actress Sara Sommerfeld teaching them acting techniques and how to write a script. The project will conclude with the students performing an excerpt from a play in front of an audience in the spring term of 2020.

The second theme day was held at the end of the year with a focus on food traditions that unite people. Elisabeth Johansson, one of the judges on Swedish TV show “Årets Kock” (Chef of the Year), talked about how different food traditions unite and enrich us, and how they can contribute to integration. A cooking competition was also held where the competitors were parents, teachers and employees from Pandox and Scandic Star, Sollentuna. The winning entry will be a permanent lunch menu item in the school cafeteria.

Participating in industry initiatives

Pandox is a member of the European Public Real Estate Association (EPRA) which, among other things, provides an important property index for the capital market. The Director of Sustainable Business is a member of Visita’s sustainability reference group, with the goal to advance the sustainability agenda throughout the tourism industry in Sweden.