Pandox aims to work proactively to reduce our environmental impact. Together with our partners and tentants, we invest in our properties to improve energy and resource efficiency, and secure the long-term value of the property.

Development and management

Pandox works actively on sustainable development and management of its properties. Since 2016 Pandox has performed internal inspections of products and agreements to ensure the properties are in good condition and that the tenants are meeting their obligations. A total of 80 such inspections were performed in 2019. The inspections lead to direct actions and also form a basis for contract negotiations.

Structural engineering evaluations are also performed on a regular basis to check on the condition and functioning of the buildings. This is particularly important in connection with planned alterations, additions or extensions. A structural engineering examination of the state of properties is also performed in connection with acquisitions, based on functions and regulatory requirements. In addition, Pandox’s insurance brokers perform annual risk assessments of a number of properties focusing on the risk of fire or property damage.


Joint investments

In 2019 Scandic and Pandox completed Shark 2, their joint investment project to upgrade 19 Scandic hotels. By replacing toilets, shower heads and taps with water-saving alternatives the project has saved more than 15 million litres of water annually. The project has also included replacing ventilation units and lighting with more resource-efficient alternatives.

Another project completed in 2019 was the renovation of Vildmarkshotellet at the Kolmården Wildlife Park. In addition to the renovation of 218 rooms, restaurants, conference rooms and lobby were upgraded with new lighting and ventilation. The improvements are expected to lead to annual energy savings of around 300,000 kWh and close to 3 million litres in reduced water consumption. The amount of energy used to heat the pool has also been reduced by around 50 percent.


Green leases

The goal to achieve green leases is about Pandox and the tenants jointly investing in projects that reduce the properties’ environmental impact and also share investments and/or the savings the projects provide. The idea behind this is that property owners and tenants need to work together to achieve optimal outcomes in areas such as technical installations and maintenance.