Based on our interest in handball and fair play, and the need to promote positive development in particularly vulnerable areas of Nyeri, a town northwest of Nairobi in Kenya, we established the Pandox Youth Handball Movement in cooperation with a local handball club in 2012. 

Pandox Youth Handball Movement, Kenya In 2012, Pandox started a project in cooperation with a local Kenyan handball club in the city of Nyeri, Northwest of Nairobi, to create better future opportunities for vulnerable children and youth by giving them a meaningful spare-time activity. Pandox’s support mainly consists of the financing of training for leaders and handball coaches and by ensuring that the project has a clear plan with regards to expansion, scholarships, leagues etc, areas which are reviewed and evaluated in cooperation with the local organisation. Since its inception, active club members have increased from 400 to over 2,100. In addition, Pandox has contributed to annual training camps where children and youth combine handball training with information and counselling in areas such as relationships, HIV and sustainability.  

In February 2016, 40 teachers and 250 children took part in courses on HIV and sustainable development. The Pandox Youth Handball Movement has strong local ties and 16 schools are currently connected to the project. At the Hotel Market Day every year Pandox awards educational scholarships to children and youth in Nyeri.