Being a large company, we have a responsibility to promote sustainability throughout our supply chain. We take steps to ensure that goods and services are produced in safe and fair working conditions and that environmental protection is respected.

Pandox's supply chain

Our operations are divided into two business segments with two distinct value chains. We therefore have a large number of suppliers. In the business segment Property management we have direct control over property-related sourcing, such as renovation related sourcing. In the business segment Operator activities the degree of control depends on the type of contract governing the operations.

We have full influence over the sourcing process for hotels under our own brands and a certain amount of influence over hotels under franchise agreements. In management agreements, on the other hand, we have less influence over the sourcing process. This is mainly the responsibility of the hotel operator. Within the business segment Operator activities our focus is therefore on hotels under our own brands or under franchise agreements, since they offer the greatest possibility of influencing the process.

Responsible sourcing

Our Codes of Conduct for Business Partners is based on the 10 principles of the UN Global Compact and describes the expectations that Pandox has of its suppliers regarding

  • human rights
  • labour rights
  • the environment
  • anti-corruption

Over the past year, we have continued the implementation of the Code of Conduct for Business Partners, and in 2019 we will introduce a screening process to ensure that our suppliers are meeting the requirements in the Code of Conduct for Business Partners. The process will include an internal risk analysis to identify high-risk suppliers in terms of corruption and human rights violations. We will also implement a self-assessment process to evaluate the sustainability work of individual suppliers. To increase internal knowledge and expertise, relevant employees will undergo sustainable supply chain training in 2019.

Increased range of certified products

Pandox would like to give our hotel guests more opportunities to make sustainable choices when they stay at our hotels. The goal is increasing eco-labled and Fair Trade alternatives for food, beverages and welcome products.