To us, doing business responsibly means always applying good business ethics and supporting international human rights in all parts of our operations.

Running a responsible business

Our way of doing business responsibly is described in the Code of Conduct for Employees and the Code of Conduct for Business Partners. To ensure compliance with the Codes, we have internal control routines in place, such as the four eyes and grandfather principles. We also have an independent whistleblower system where employees and external stakeholders can report any irregularities. In 2018 no incidents of corruption were reported.


Free competition and good business ethics are natural aspects of our business. No forms of corruption, such as giving or taking bribes, money laundering or improper actions to restrict competition, are permitted.

We support human rights

We support and respect the UN's Core International Human Rights Instruments. Pandox has zero tolerance for criminality, prostitution or sexual exploitation. Read more about our internal work on human rights as well as equality and diversity – An attractive workplace.

Training to prevent violation

To prevent any violations of our Codes of Conduct, human rights and anti-corruption are important elements included in our Group-wide online training. In-depth content on anti-corruption and on the prevention of human trafficking and prostitution are be included in the training, and relevant personnel will also receive further training in anti-corruption.