Our hotel guests expect the hotels they stay at to deliver a safe and memorable experience. The employees must therefore have the right skills to operate them in a safe and secure way. Taking good care of our guests also involves us offering sustainable product options and encouraging guests to be more sustainable.

Hotel safety

Hotel safety is a topic covered in our group-wide online training. In addition to this training, our employees receive training in first aid and all hotels regularly perform fire and evacuation drills. All our hotels in the business segment Operator activities have emergency plans and safety policies in place.

In 2018, there were no deviations in health and safety reported for any Pandox products and services.

Data security

Data security – meaning protecting our guests' personal data – are critical for us. How we handle these areas are covered in our Code of Conduct for Employees. To protect the guests' personal data Pandox uses technical and organisational protective measures, such as firewalls and password-protected systems. 

To minimise the risk of a data breach, training in data security and guest privacy takes place locally at each hotel as well as through the mandatory group-wide online training.Our hotels in the business segment Operator activities have guidelines and instructions for data security and protecting guest privacy. No complaints of guest privacy or loss of personal data were reported in 2018.

We encourage sustainable behaviour

We want to inspire and encourage our guests to adopt new sustainable behaviour. Our long-term goal is therefore to create a communication and action plan for hotels within the business segment Operator activities to increase sustainability awareness among the guests and to encourage changes in behaviour.

Guest satisfaction

Our long-term goal for guest satisfaction is to exceed 80 percent for hotels that have been included in the business segment Operator activities for one year or more. In 2018, guest satisfaction was 83 percent. (Hotel Hubert was not included as the hotel was only re-opened in September 2018.)