Contributing knowledge, expertise and resources to local communities where we have operations is a natural aspect of our company’s responsibility to the community.

Supporting the communities where we operate

We want to contribute to the communities where the we operates and in the areas where we have expertise, skills and interests. We also encourage and support hotels within the business segment Operator activities that are pursuing their own local initiatives. One example is the Hilton Brussels Grand Place which, among other things, is offering work experience for school students and young people with special needs.

The Code of Conduct for Employees contains stipulations regarding Pandox’s community engagement. In 2019 we will further develop the overall community engagement strategy.

Hand the ball – a project where values meet

At Pandox we've had strong ties to handball for a very long time, and our values are many times aligned with those of the sport. Handball stands for fair play and gender equality, as there are just as many female players as male players. Every member of the team is essential to achieve success and individual development strengthens the team as a whole.

Thanks to our close ties to the sport, we have been invited to participate in a sustainability project called "Hand the Ball", which is a joint project between the European Handball Championship 2020 AB, Stockholm City, Svenska Handbollförbundet (the Swedish Handball Federation) and Stockholms Handbollförbund (the Handball Federation of Stockholm).

The project is working with six schools in Stockholm. The purpose of the project is to encourage children and young people from socioeconomic difficult areas to participate in physical activity and team sports to prevent poor health due to physical inactivity.

Enbacksskolan Project

Through "Hand the Ball", we have expanded our project with Enbacksskolan in Tensta.

We are providing transportation to outdoor activities and offering young people the chance go skiing and try other sports. In addition to physical activity, the project is also giving the students an insight into working life. In the autumn of 2018 Pandox and Scandic Star in Sollentuna jointly organised a study visit at the hotel, where 23 students from 8th grade met employees and management. The students were given an introduction to the opportunities that exist within the hotel industry and had a chance to try different jobs at the hotel. In the spring of 2019 these students will also be offered work experience opportunities at various Scandic hotels.

Field trip for Enbacksskolan to Scandic Star Sollentuna

Participating in industry initiatives

Pandox is a member of the European Public Real Estate Association (EPRA) which, among other things, provides an important property index for the capital market. The Director of Sustainable Business is a member of Visita’s sustainability reference group, with the goal to advance the sustainability agenda throughout the tourism industry in Sweden.