Our employees are our most valuable assets. Motivated and talented employees are the key to our success. We therefore make every effort to be one of the most attractive employers in the industry.

Satisfied employees

To attract and retain employees, we want to create a positive and open atmosphere with a corporate culture based on

  • trust
  • cooperation
  • pride
  • mutual respect

The hotels in the business segment Operator activities are continuously measuring employee satisfaction.

A diverse and inclusive workplace

As an employer, we at Pandox want to offer a workplace that is free from discrimination and harassment, and where all employees are treated equally and with respect. Our Code of Conduct for Employees establishes guidelines for how we behave in our workplace. To prevent discrimination and harassment, we provide all our employees training in these guidelines. Only one incident of discrimination was reported in 2018 and we handled it according to the hotel’s routines.

All employees are able to join a trade union and participate in collective bargaining. In 2018, 77 percent of the employees were covered by a collective agreement.

The hotel industry is a diverse industry in which a large number of nationalities and age groups are represented. The industry is, however, facing a challenge in terms of the low number of women in senior positions – a challenge which we are taking extremely seriously.

Career development

To offer our employees personal development is critical in order for us to be an attractive employer. Our ambition is to offer all employees

  • training
  • career opportunities
  • career planning

In 2018, 693 employees had performance and career development reviews. We also make sure all new recruits go through an orientation including topics such as Pandox’s policies and an introduction to sustainability. In 2019 we will develop and intensify the group-wide online training in sustainability.

Health & safety at the workplace – and work-life balance

To make sure all employees have a healthy, safe and secure work environment and we conduct risk assessments on a regular basis. The risks identified are primarily linked to construction sites during renovation, and physical risk associated with hotel operations – such as fire. We provide all employees annual training, information and instructions in occupational health and safety.

Pandox Movement

We consider it important to maintain a work-life balance and believe that physical activity promotes well-being and improved performance. One initiative that combines work and exercise is Pandox Movement, where employees from different parts of the organisation gather to take part in various sports and other physical activity. We encouraged our employees to challenge themselves and set ambitious goals through, for example, registering for a marathon or similar challenging pursuit to promote positive development.

Innovative leadership programme at Hotel Hubert

Every six months we choose a new hotel manager for Hotel Hubert based on employee candidates nominated by the general managers. The purpose of this leadership programme is to provide employees with career development opportunities. The initiative was launched in September 2018.