Pandox’s employees are the Company’s most important asset and thus one of the most important stakeholder groups. Without motivated, skilled employees Pandox would not be able to create sustainable growth. 

Based on the materiality analysis, the Company has identified health, safety and security, fair labour practices, skills and availability, and anti-corruption as key matters. Pandox's task is to deliver in these areas in order to provide the right conditions for employees to succeed in their roles and achieve job satisfaction.

Health and safety

Pandox wants to offer all employees a safe and secure work environment. Pandox ensures that employees have the skills and training required to follow the safety routines that are applicable to their respective roles and areas of responsibility, as well as being aware of possible risk factors in their daily tasks. During the financial year Pandox received no complaint concerning working conditions.

Health and safety committee and officers

In 2017 all the hotels within Operator Activities held regular meetings at which management representatives and employees representing all thos eemployed at the hotel in question. The aim is to systematically develop and prevent any risks associated with the workplace. At these meetings topics of discussion include physical and social working conditions, safety routines, skills development and relevant staff training. 

In 2017 training in CPR was provided at the head office and defibrillators were installed.

Healthy employees are happy employees

At Pandox, we like sports and we offer our employees competitive fitness benefits. As part of Pandox Movement, we encourage our employees to challenge themselves and each other - for example, by participating in leisure or competitive events such as marathons, cycling or skiing. Pandox Movement often participates in various charity races.

Fair labour practices

Our aim is for everyone who works for us to have a fair and good work environment. We comply with international and national regulations and guidelines concerning human rights and equality. All employees must have written employment contracts and are entitled to reasonable compensation corresponding to the highest statutory minimum wage or applicable industry standards, as well as being entitled to statutory leave and benefits. 

Diversity and equality

The equal value of all human beings is a basic pillar of Pandox's values. We strive for diversity and equality. We treat all employees equally and with respect, regardless of ethnicity, national origin, skin colour, education, age, disability, sexual orientation, gender or religion. All Pandox employees are to be offered and have the right to a work environment free from discrimination, harassment, degrading treatment, punishment or threats. No incidents of discrimination were reported in 2017. 

Ethics, laws and transparency

Pandox has Codes of Conduct that reflect the Company's five focus areas and material sustainability aspects. We train our employees in material aspects, including through mandatory Group-wide online training. Anti-corruption forms an important part of the online training, along with security and business ethics. 

The goal is for all employees to complete the training every year. In 2017 a total of 30 (40) percent, corresponding to 679 (560) individuals, completed the training. This means that the majority of employees have now completed the training since it was introduced in 2015. In addition, a number of locally adapted training programmes are implemented every year within Operator Activities. These cover such aspects as sustainable leadership, energy efficiency, health and safety, the environment, customer service and other specific skills. 

Whistleblower service

Pandox has an independent whistleblower function that is open to all employees and external stakeholders. Any suspected serious irregularities, incidents or deviations from Pandox's ethical guidelines can be reported there anonymously. The reporting function is provided by an external party in order to ensure independence. No incidents were reported in 2017.