Pandox’s main task is to deliver excellent guest experiences. This requires the Company’s employees to have the right skills and to be continually offered individual and work-related training, and also requires the hotel products to be attractive and competitive. All this is essential for sustainable growth.

Guest satisfaction

In 2017 Pandox invested around MSEK 300 in Operator Activities in the form of renovations and upgrades, in order to improve the guest experience through, for example, more modern rooms and more attractive public areas. Major renovations were carried out at Hyatt Regency Montreal, Hotel Berlin, Berlin, Hotel Berlaymont in Brussels and Hilton Grand Place in Brussels. Through a combination of improving the physical hotel products, the hotels' management and leadership and the employees' efforts, the average level of guest satisfaction in Operator Activities increased to 81 (78) percent in 2017. Pandox's long-term objective is for guest satisfaction to exceed 80 percent for hotels that have been included in Operator Activities for one year or more.

Privacy and data security

Data security and customer privacy are key issues. Training takes place locally at each hotel as well as via the mandatory Group-wide online training programme
that also covers data security and customer privacy. Guidelines and instructions on data security and customer privacy can be found at all hotels within Operator Activities. No substantiated complaints concerning breach of customer confidentiality or loss of customer data were reported in 2017.

Security and business ethics

All Pandox hotels within Operator Activities have contingency plans and security policies. Employees are trained continually in security and business ethics, which are also included in the Groupwide online training programme. No incidents of non-compliance concerning the health and safety impacts of products and services were reported in 2017. In addition, a number of locally adapted training programmes relating to safety are implemented at hotels within Operator Activities.