As well as taking economic and environmental responsibility, Pandox wants to help promote community development in areas where the Company has particular knowledge, expertise and interest. This can also be done in partnership with others. Pandox has therefore started and supports a number of community initiatives to achieve this ambition.

Pandox youth handball movement, Kenya

In 2012, Pandox and MSG - a local Kenyan handball club in the city of Nyeri, northwest of Nairobi - together started a project to create better future opportunities for vulnerable childern and young people by giving them a meaningful leisure activity. The aim was to lay the foundation for a venture that would be self-supporting in five years' time. pandox's support mainly consists of funding training for leaders and handball coaches, and ensuring that the projects has a clear plan for expansion, league and scholarship programmes - something that is reviewed and evaluated jointly with the local organisation. Since its inception, the number of active club members have increased from 400 to over 2,100.

In addition, Pandox has contributed to annual training camps for children and young people. The camps provide handball training combined with information and counselling in areas such as relationships, HIV and sustainability. In February 2017 the Pandox Training Course was held for sixth consecutive year. Around 350 children participated in the 2017 training camp which, as in previous years, was held in conjunction with the largest handball tournament in the country. In 2017 the project and the enterprise were handed over to be run by MSG.