Together with our employees, hotel guests, tenants, business partners and other stakeholders Pandox strive to work for a sustainable development. Our efforts are forward-looking and based on the engagement of internal and external stakeholders.

Our stakeholders are very important to our business, and we are keen to increase our understanding of the internal and external expectations of Pandox as an employer, landlord, customer and business partner. We engage in continuous dialogue with our stakeholders and this interaction strengthens our ability to develop our sustainability agenda and to create value across the whole value chain. It also enables us to get a picture of the external expectations of Pandox. 

At the beginning of 2016, Pandox invited its stakeholders to a dialogue in order to identify relevant sustainability aspects across the value chain. Using an online survey answered by 565 stakeholders, important sustainability issues were evaluated both from a group perspective and from a hotel operations perspective which also formed the basis for a materiality analysis. 

Pandox stakeholders:

  • Employees
  • Hotel guests (business customers, private customers and conference customers)
  • Suppliers
  • Hotel operators/Partners
  • Investors and shareholders
  • Business analysts
  • Media
  • Interest groups
  • Community