Our governing documents, consisting of codes of conducts and environmental policy, guides our employees in good business ethics, sound business practices and our priorities in sustainability efforts.

Pandox has a number of governing documents including the Code of Conduct for Employees, the Code of Conduct for Business Partners and the Environmental Policy. The Code of Conduct for Employees is based on the 10 principles in the UN Global Compact and provides the ethical guidelines for Pandox’s operations.

Through group-wide online training offered in several languages, we ensure that all employees are familiar with the content of the governing documents. The online training programme is part of the workplace orientation for every new employee. If extensive updates are made, all employees are required to repeat the training.

Pandox’s Environmental Policy describes the expectations we has of our company and business partners with respect to environmental work. One important aspect is the Precautionary Principle, which involves proactively avoiding environmental risks within the organisation.


In 2018 a data processing system was installed to make it possible to gather, validate and analyse sustainability data as Pandox grows and becomes more complex. We have made great progress during the year on including the entire value chain in Pandox’s sustainability focus. Over time, the system will also make it possible to evaluate and set priorities among various environ- mental investments, and to spread knowledge and good examples throughout the portfolio.

Whistleblower system

Pandox has an independent whistleblower system which is available to employees and external stakeholders. Any suspected non-compliance or deviations from Pandox’s policies can be reported anonymously. The reporting function is provided by an external party in order to ensure objectivity. Reported incidents are handled by Pandox’s General Counsel. See also Pandox Whistleblowing Guidelines.