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Annual Report 2017

Experience and determination


 No. of hotels
 Cash earnings, MSEK
  1996         2002         2007         2012         2017
 No. of hotels 20 28 31 46 46 44 45 44 36 39 44 45 46 120 118 120 120 114 131 130 143
 Cash earnings, MSEK 53 97 119 228 266 267 272 299 301 318 389 445 446 831 879 848 815 888 1,165 1,361 1,660



An expanded and
stronger business


We don't lean back. We're ready for the next step. Come along for the ride!

- Anders Nissen, CEO

This is Pandox

Vision and the road to success

Pandox's core business is to own and lease hotel properties to well-known hotel operators under long revenue-based leases with shared investments. If the conditions are not in place for a profitable lease, Pandox can choose to operate the hotel itself. The combination of long leases and own operation lays the foundation for profitable growth with less risk.

The Market

Hotel & Tourism is the world's
largest service sector

Pandox is active within Hotel and Tourism, which is the world's largest service sector and one of the fastest growing industries globally. Hotel and Tourism has shown positive growth for the last six decades. 

Earnings 10
Results 90
0.7 billion1.3 billion1.8 billion
  2000 2017 2030
Earnings 0.7 billion 1.3 billion 1.8 billion

Hotel and Tourism is a major engine
”10 percent of global GDP (2017)”

Stable growth in international travel
"International Tourist Arrivals"


The Business

An active hotel property owner
with long leases and
well-known tenants


44 hotels


26 hotels


16 hotels


14 hotels


14 hotels

1 congress center


8 hotels


8 hotels


4 hotels


2 hotels


2 hotels


1 hotel


1 hotel


Sustainability Report

Pandox Fair Play 

Pandox's five focus areas

Based on stakeholder dialogue and the materiality analysis, five focus areas have been identified for Pandox's sutainability work.


Employer of choice

  • Health, safety and security
  • Fair labour practices­
  • Skills and availability
  • Anti­-corruption

Our guests

Customer's choice

  • Guest satisfaction
  • Privacy and data security­
  • Health, safety and security


Green footprint

  • Energy and emissions
  • Water
  • Waste

Our business partners 

Quality of value chain

  • Sourcing and procurement practices
  • Fair labour practices

Our community

Interest groups

  • Social responsibility

The hotel properties

A well-diversified portfolio focusing on large well-developed and dynamic hotel markets

Number of hotels


Hotel properties in the upper full-service segment in 84 cities in 15 countries.

Number of rooms


Hotel rooms, with an average of 221 rooms per hotel spread across 20 brands.

Market value, MSEK


High quality hotel portfolio with a good balance of different countries, cities, types of demand and brands.


An active year
and a strong result

Important events:

  • Good growth and high profitability.
  • Acquisition of 23 hotel properties.
  • Agreement to lease out nine Operating Properties.
  • Directed share issue of MSEK 1,480.


Growth in total cash earnings


Growth in net asset value

Revenue by country

Property Management

Proposed dividend



Revenue by country

Operator Activities

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