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Working at Pandox

Pandox aims to have an agile, creative and business-driven corporate culture supported by specialist expertise and efficient management systems. It is the individuals that make Pandox unique, and we therefore work continually on skills development and career planning. 

Pandox's corporate culture shares the same basic values as the game of handball. Handball is one of the world's toughest sports with high levels of intensity and excitement, while also being a very equal sport in that there are equal numbers of male and female participants. Add to this individual freedom, mutual respect, trust, cooperation, creativity, passion and integrity, and you have Pandox Fair Play. An environment where co-workers create sustainable growth together. 

Pandox Fair Play

Here our employees can conduct our online trainings.

We call this the Pandox Spirit.

The Pandox spirit defines who we are, what we do and how we do it.

Employee satisfaction

Employee satisfaction is measured on an ongoing basis in Operator Activities, with the aim of continually improving the outcome. In 2020 the average employee satisfaction in Operator Activities (based on weighing together different measurements from each hotel) was 81 (85) percent. 

The goal is to increase the average level of employee satisfaction to over 85 percent over a three-year period for hotels that have been included in Operator Activities for one year or more. Employee satisfaction is a function of many different factors, but is often lower in under-performing hotels and in hotels that have recently been taken over, and higher in developed hotels that are performing well.  Read more about Pandox work to be an attractive employer.