Excellence in hotel ownership and operations


Pandox is one of Europe’s leading hotel property owners and operators with businesses across 9 countries in 51 locations. Embracing 22,500 guest rooms, 106 hotel properties and one congress centre, the complete Pandox portfolio is valued at approximately 3 billion euro.

The company operates in two areas:

Hotel Properties – as an active owner operate the hotel property portfolio and sign lease agreements with strategic co-partners.

Hotel Operations – to operate hotel businesses within the subsidiary Pandox Operations. The company’s mission is to run Pandox-owned hotels, but also entering into lease agreements with external property owners and operate their hotels.  Currently, Pandox Operations contains 17 hotel operations with a yearly turnover of some 220 million euro in total.

Currently, Pandox partners with 17 well-known hotel brands including; InterContinental, Hyatt, Hilton, Crowne Plaza, Radisson Blu, Scandic, Nordic Choice Hotels, Holiday Inn, Elite, Rantasipi among others. In addition, a number of hotels are operated under various independent brand names, among them The Hotel and Hotel BLOOM! (both in Brussels) as well as Hotel Berlin, Berlin.

The company’s registered office is in Stockholm, where the group’s management is based. For inquiries, please send us an email: info@pandox.com

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